Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are you tasty?

Well I certainly am considering the number of mozzy bites I've accrued in the last week - I think it's about 20 and counting :-(

The little buggers have nibbled away at any exposed bit of flesh - my love handles, ankles, forehead and yesterday even the hole in the knee of my jeans FFS.  Three of them are now itching like hell despite being smothered in anti-wotsit cream.

I even had to hide under the bed clothes last night and sweltered as another evil insect buzzed about my bedroom going zmzmzzzmmzmzmzmzmmzmzmzmz.

I always thought my kitties would eat these obnoxious insects, yet sadly no - they just snooze on the bed like unwelcome hot-water bottles on a warm night.

I used to love warm sunny weather - now I'm turning into a grumpy after weeks of hot, humid and fly ridden weather... still at least I'm not spending anything on electricity or oil!

*goes off to medicine cabinet for more anti-wotsit cream*